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Tartufi Jimmy Grey Salt from Guerande with Summer Truffle

Guerande Grey Salt with Summer Truffle

Tartufi Jimmy
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Truffle salt is an easy way to add that incredible truffle flavor to any dish while seasoning it at the same time. This Grey Guerande salt mixed with Black Summer Italian Truffle, a simple ingredient that can elevate your dish to the next level.

This specific type of salt is a light gray color, this is because of the clay in the salt flats. Many chefs from around the world classify this salt as the best salt in the world. The addition of the summer truffle makes it that much better. Just imagine this ingredient over a simple bruschetta or on an elaborate risotto.


  • Sale of Guerande 94%
  • Summer Truffle dried 5% (Tuber aestivum Vitt)
  • Aromas

Use: ideal for first courses with fish or salt water.

Method of preservation: Keep away from sources of light and heat.

Size: 3.52oz / 100gr

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