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Tartufi Jimmy White Truffle Oil Spray (1.41 fl.oz)

Tartufi Jimmy White Truffle Oil Spray (1.41 fl.oz)

Tartufi Jimmy
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A blend of White Truffle with oil that makes it unique.

Original and versatile spray (200 shots).

Ideal for all types of dishes combining with truffles.

Made in Italy


  • Infusion of 51% white truffle (Tuber Magnum Pico)
  • Sunflower Seed Oil 48%
  • Aromas

Nutritional information (100g): 
Energy value   kJ 3397 / kcal 826 
Fats    91.82 g 
- of which saturated   12.6 g 
Carbohydrates    0 g 
- of which sugars    0 g 
Protein    0 g 
Fiber 0 g 
Salt    0 g

Spray evenly within easy reach of already cooked or raw food, both hot and cold.

Preservation method:
Keep in a cool ventilated area. Avoid direct exposure to sources of light and heat.