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Tartufi Jimmy Polenta Corn Flour With White Truffle (10.58 oz)

Tartufi Jimmy Polenta Corn Flour With White Truffle (10.58 oz)

Tartufi Jimmy
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Artisan made by Tartufi Jimmy, Italy's leading manufacturer of truffle based products, mushrooms. This white truffle polenta mix is made up of Italian deep yellow corn flour mixed with numerous fragments of dried white truffle.The blending of the cornmeal flavour with the intense aroma of the fresh white truffle, creates a mouth watering delicacy,

Cooked to creamy perfection, the polenta is a great and authentic dish to share with friends or as a simple meal.

How To Prepare: 

Boil 300gr /10.58 oz. of water every for every 70gr / 2.47 oz. of polenta, salt and pour the flour, stir for about 5/6 minutes.

When cooked, add truffle slices or drizzle with extra virgin olive oil (ideally with white truffle oil) or simple tomato sauce.

Ingredients: Corn Flour Instant 98.4%, White Truffles 1.1%, Truffle dried 1% (Tuber Borchii or Albidum Pico), White truffle dried 0.1% (Tuber Magnum Pico), Aroma

Made in Italy