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National Caviar Day: Fascinating Facts About Caviar

July 18 is National Caviar Day. The day we dedicate this to the black pearls of the sea. While the history of Caviar has forever been associated as a luxury food item enjoyed by royalty accompanied with champagne, we’re here to introduce you to some lesser-known facts about caviar that may surprise you.

Not all Fish Eggs Are Caviar Grade

Caviar comes from only three types of sturgeon – beluga, osetra, and sevruga – can be called caviar.

The Best Way To Eat Caviar Is With Your Hand

The traditional way to eat caviar is on a skin between the index finger and the thumb. If that is not suitable, caviar tastes better from a spoon made from bone, crystal or mother-of-pearl, as metal spoons can alter the taste. The eggs should be rolled slowly around the mouth until they pop and release flavor.

Caviar Was Once Offered A Free Snack At The Bars

 Although caviar is a symbol of opulence and affluence, once reserved only to kings, it was actually offered as a free snack with beer in bars around the world in the 1900’s,  the lack of concerns over overfishing in the early 1900s meant there was an abundance of it in the US It was usually the cheaper, saltier types of caviar that were served as the salt made drinkers thirstier and encouraged people to drink more. Now bar’s just like to give peanuts. 

Not All Caviar Is Equal

The best quality caviar has larger eggs that are lighter in color. The eggs are also older. Eggs of lesser quality do not have such an intense fishy flavor. Like wine, the taste of caviar is affected by its environment in which it lives and grows. Everything from the type of algae that's in the water to the salinity level of the water (salt vs. fresh) that the sturgeon swim in can change the taste of the caviar. While the nutritional value may be similar from each breed and each farm, the quality of the sturgeon caviar can vary drastically, and not all fish caviar is the same. Black caviar fish are sturgeons. Farming techniques play a huge role in the quality of caviar and caviar cost, so it's important to know where your caviar is coming from. If farmed sturgeon aren't properly cared for, you can't expect the caviar to have that unique, exquisite taste we expect.

Caviar,  Nature’s Viagra?

Goodbye Viagra, hello caviar? It is said the “black pearls” are a good remedy for impotence, for it contains high levels of vitamins B5 and B6, which help balance the levels of your hormones. In fact, one spoonful of caviar supplies a daily dose of vitamin B12. It’s also high in protein and a great source of omega-3s, vitamin D, and iron.

Celebrate National Caviar Day

In honor of National Caviar Day, celebrate by treating yourself to the finest caviar in the world.

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