About Us


Tita Italian Wine & Delicatessen started as an Italian Wine and Italian Gourmet Food import & export company. Founded in 2008 by Nicolo Tita Sanvitale Simonetta, His vision was to distribute unique wines and delicatessens that best represent the essence of Italy. Caviar and Fresh Truffles were the best delicatessen from My country.

With the concept coming to fruition in the charming landscapes of Brescia, Nicolo brought his passion to Miami Beach.
His thorough research and strict selection of hand-picked Italian wines allowed only the finest Italian cellars & bottegas to showcase traditional Italian goods accompanied by the best food and delicatessen.


Focused on smaller, more obscure cellars, Nicolo has chosen to pursue the philosophy of tradition, expertise, exclusivity, sophistication, and only the highest quality of products from Italy.

After hosting wine tastings with his unique collection, he felt something else was needed to tie his ideas together and truly set himself apart from the rest.

The idea of introducing traditional, gourmet Italian foods to pair with his wine selection came to life.

Thus, the perfect marriage of elegant wine and food, such as caviar and fresh truffles, extra virgin olive oil expanded his portfolio of products to become what it is today.

Ultimately, his purpose is to introduce a selection of rare cultural gems, Italy’s “Vinocultura” that may be limited by larger importers that operate within the states.
This small company of excellent wine and delicatessen is a true reflection of all things “Italian”.