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Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Truffles

Truffles are known as a culinary gold for their garlicky and gourmet flavor and rare availability. Hence, chefs worldwide have a special place for truffles and love to garnish their elite recipes with a tint of truffle in different forms. But having them fresh, straight from the ground, is a delight to relish. Truffles generally have a notorious shelf life, thus making it difficult to have them fresh always. So it is better to learn how to preserve these pesky, delightful food items and never feel short of giving your special meals with a gourmet touch.

With Tita Italian, you can always find fresh truffles available in the store, ready to serve you on time. Now let us learn some of the sure-shot ways to preserve fresh truffles for a good time,

  • Choose the Right Type

Truffles are specially brought from the wild forest and are not available all year round. Hence, it is extremely important to preserve the one in good condition for a long-term stay. However, after receiving your truffle, it is best to consume them within two to three days to enjoy the maximum concentration of their flavor and earthy aroma. But if you want to keep the truffles, clean them immediately once they are received and it is normal for them to mold, wrap them individually in kitchen paper, and put them in a container in the fridge. Change the paper every day and feel the consistency of each truffle. The truffle to be consumed will be the softer one. The softness, if not excessive, represents the maturity of the product and the maximum expression of its flavor and aroma. If the product is too soft it means that it should have been eaten first. We recommend consuming them two days after receiving them.

  • Store Truffles Dry

Truffles are extremely delicate food items and rot early if exposed to excessive humidity or water. Hence, you should not wash these prized ingredients but rather use clean tissue paper or a breathable airtight container to keep them stored in a dark area. Also, change the tissue frequently to avoid the built-in moisture, if any, and retain the aroma for a good period. When you receive your fresh truffles, we suggest you immediately wrap them individually in the kitchen towel and place them in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator until use. Please don’t keep them for more than one week.

  • Freeze Your Truffles

Generally, white truffles can last for around five days, while the black ones will stay for over a week. But for even a longer keep, you can preserve the truffles in rice jars or maybe in the sand. And if you are planning to freeze them, then clean wipe the exterior down with a brush(never wash your truffles), wrap them with a cling film, place them in an airtight container and finally keep them on the top shelf of your fridge(don’t forget to change the tissue frequently). Also, keep the temperature between 2ºC and 4ºC; it will help the fresh truffles retain their flavor and aroma for a short while.

Freeze Your Truffles

  • Change the Form

You can consume fresh truffles by thinly shaving them over a dish, ready to consume, or by grating them directly over your meals, pasta, and pizza meat.

Truffles grow in wild, pristine conditions and are so rare and valuable. They are also very delicate and cannot tolerate any contamination. Thus, with these marvelous tricks for storing fresh truffles, you are set to enjoy dishes with truffles

At Tita Italian, you can find the best collection of Italian wine and food items to compliment your gourmet meals, garnished with truffles on top. Please visit our store and allow us to pamper you with an amazing variety of delicacies.

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