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The Best Caviar in Miami - Update 2023

Calvisius caviar, Eye-catching, complex, and buttery, this sustainably-farmed caviar in Italy is distributed from Tita Italia that delivers the best caviar to eat in Florida.

The impossibly large, gray-gold and pale black pearls pop happily in the mouth, giving way to a smooth, well-textured texture that releases delicious briny molasses on the tongue. Since there are no preservatives or additives in the package, the complexity and evolution of the desired flavors are maintained without driving the price of the caviar to an unaffordable level while expressing its original taste to the fullest.

The flavor of Calvisius

Depending on the type of sturgeon from which the eggs were originally produced, the taste of freshly washed eggs soon transforms into an almost sweet flavor with notes of dried fruit (from hazelnut to walnut), butter, and yeast.

Some caviar may also include flavors that are more strongly reminiscent of the sea, such as those of shellfish (particularly shrimp, crab, lobster, and mantis shrimp), seaweed, freshwater, and spirulina algae, or even seafood (especially mussels, clams, oysters, and sea urchins).

Occasionally, caviar might bring to mind the flavor of fresh fish (whole fresh fish, raw fish or boiled fish). However, it is a serious flaw and a symptom of poor preservation if caviar tastes or smells like preserved fish (stockfish, herring, feed, etc.)

1. Ars Italica Calvisius Caviar - Oscietra Royal

Oscietra Royal is a Calvisius caviar obtained from Russian sturgeon, a species that was once found only in the Caspian, Black and Azov seas. The weight range for this medium-sized sturgeon is 20–60 kg (44–132 lb).

Only the most gigantic caviar is chosen for this classy caviar, which features dark brown to beige hues and a delicately fruity and nutty flavor. Enjoy on its own as it is one of the most important caviar.

The addition of crème Fraiche and dill to the toasted bits offers a tasty experience of texture as the temperature of the warm bread, the excellent cream and the cold caviar constantly harmonize in a sensory yet elegant way.

Also excellent with mashed potatoes and butter.

2. Calvisius Lingotto Caviar (Pressed Caviar)

Lingotto Caviar, a pressed caviar prepared by drying with a unique method to preserve the caviar's natural flavor, is produced by the same company as Calvisius Caviar.

When sturgeon caviar is expertly dried and cured, it loses about two-thirds of its weight while retaining all of its flavor and intensity.

The finest way to enjoy pressed caviar is to simply slice or finely grate it and sprinkle it over spaghetti or potatoes. When you gently slice it onto delicate canapés or shave it over spaghetti, it creates a great showcase and is a highly flexible product.

3. Calvisius Caviar Siberian Royal

Siberian Royal is a delicious caviar that shouts for admiration. It starts off creamy and rich and ends clear like ocean mist. You'll be taken back to the heyday of caviar!

Extracted from medium-sized fish, Siberian Sturgeon. Originally discovered in Lake Baikal and the fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob to the Kolyma rivers).

It is quite adaptable and has a strong, clean flavour. To properly enjoy it, try it with potatoes, sour cream, crème fraiche, soft bread, or blinis in the truest Russian fashion. It also tastes great on its own.


  • Can you eat caviar raw?

  • Although salt-cured, caviar is still uncooked. It can either be pasteurized or unpasteurized, but many connoisseurs contend that pasteurization dilutes the flavor.

  • How much caviar is in a serving?

    For hors d'oeuvres, 15 grams (or slightly more than half an ounce) is safe if you're serving it as a garnish rather than the typical 30 grams (a little more than an ounce) per person.

  • How to enjoy caviar the most?

  • Once the caviar has been tasted, savor the smooth, soft texture and the incredible burst of flavors by gently gliding the eggs across the palate.

  • How long does caviar last once opened?

    Caviar is like wine it is advisable to keep it at a controlled temperature in the fridge and tightly closed for no more than two days.

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