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The Fresh Truffle Guide - How To Use Fresh Truffles

In the heart of truffle season, here is your guide to navigate the different types of truffles from usage to storage.

As an Italian delicatessen importer, fresh truffles are the epitome luxury food and we love to bring these gems to the USA straight from Italy.Truffles are very coveted in high end restaurants, as they should be. They flourish slightly beneath the surface of the earth, growing on the roots of different trees. Truffles are irresistible because their aroma is composed of chemicals that mimic mammalian reproductive pheromones. Eating, even sniffing a truffle brings about a euphoric dizziness that can be truly addictive.

How To Pick The Right Truffle For Your Dish

Fresh Italian White Winter Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) are in season from October and it lasts till the end of December.

There are lots of different ways to describe the flavor and odor, but the flavor of a white winter truffle is garlicky with a deep musky aroma.It is slightly more intense than the black with a potent scent of garlic, dirt, and cheese. The white truffle’s fragrance is addictive. It's a very earthy, pungent and deliciously fun.

White truffles are more delicate and should not be shaved over food until after it has been completely cooked. Get freshly shaved white truffles on top of your plate of pasta or other savory dishes. Delicately shaved over hot white truffle risotto, polenta with pot roast, egg dishes and pasta dishes, this truffle carries the lucky few who get their hands on it each year to culinary nirvana.  Alba truffles match beautifully with butter, cheese (especially parmigiano reggiano), chicken, veal and lobster. We pick our white truffles from northern Italy.

Italian Black Winter truffles, (Perigord Truffles) are in season from November 15th  until March 15th. one of the most intensely flavored truffles, with a strong and pungent taste and fragrance.The flavor is distinct, with subtle undertones of garlic, shallots, hazelnuts and even chocolate. It is one of the most demanded truffle in fine dining and appreciated all around the world.

Winter Black truffles are very earthy, recommended to be lightly cooked, when all the flavours develop to deep peppery and slightly bitter. It really is the king of the truffles once cooked, this is widely appreciate in haute cuisine worldwide, for their aroma and flavor are long-lasting, and will seep into your preparation. Black truffles need warmth to open their bouquet.They are commonly prepared in simple pasta dishes. Lightly saute them in oil with thyme, and garlic. toss in some fettuccine, and grate on some parmesean and black pepper.

Recipes that include Italian Black Winter Truffles:

  • Fresh Winter Black Truffles Risotto
  • Black Truffle Potato Salad
  • Truffled Omelet

How Should I Prepare and Cook Fresh Truffles?

It’s unlikely that you’ll happen upon truffles at your local farmer’s market, so you may have to do some online searching depending on where you live (or buy from us). As soon as you get your delivery of  truffles use them asap . A few tips:

  • Use truffles as the finishing touch to be added at the end of cooking

  • Cream, butter and oil are all a go

  • Avoid mixing truffles with acidic elements like citrus or vinegar

  • Think simple

  • Consider storing your fresh truffle with a couple of uncooked eggs and a stick of butter and let those flavors seep in. Hello, delicious breakfast

  • Truffles will pair best with warming dishes like risotto, mashed potatoes, pizza, and any cheesy pasta

  • Using a truffle slicer is easy, simply turn the dial to your approximate desired thickness, and draw the truffle across the blade.  Check the shaving and adjust the dial again until you get exactly the thickness you’re looking for

When Is The Best Time To Use Fresh Truffles?

Fresh truffles always should be used the same day, or within 3 days of purchase.

How to Cook With Fresh Truffles

Fresh truffles are heat sensitive.  While warmth unlocks the truffle’s aroma and flavor, high heat can minimize it, so truffles should be used as a finishing ingredient for best flavor and aroma.

What Products Go Best with Fresh Truffles?

Just before serving is also the best time to use truffle products like truffle oils and truffle salt.

How to Slice Fresh Truffles:

While you certainly can use a sharp knife to thinly slice your truffles, it will be easier (and significantly faster) to use a truffle slicer. Truffle slicers are small hand-held mandolines that use a razor-sharp adjustable

blade to cut ultra-thin truffle shavings at a consistent thickness. This gives the most truffle flavor and gets the most servings out of your truffle. However, inn some recipes with Fresh Summer truffles, grater is used.

How To Store Fresh Truffles

 If you’re looking to savor your fresh truffle for 1-3 weeks, then your best bet is to chill it, carefully, in the fridge. Make sure that its clean and dry—dirt plays no role in conserving freshness and flavor. Fill a container with dry rice and keep your truffle submerged in the rice. Yes-this is just like the theory for how to save an iPhone that’s been dunked in water, but it’s also emulating the natural underground habitat of a fresh truffle, which keeps them from drying out. Start by pouring a thick layer of rice into the container. Place your clean truffles inside, set them a few centimeters apart from each other, and then pour more rice until your truffles are abundantly covered up. Seal the container and store it in a cool, dry, dark spot in your fridge.

Long Term Storage for Truffles
 If you’re looking to preserve your fresh truffles for 1-3 months, get them freezing in the freezer. As freezing “kind of” works for bread, it “kind of” works for truffles. Again, you’ll want your truffles to be devoid of dirt, so start with thorough cleaning and drying. Once done, wrap each truffle up and store it in the freezer. Let’s be clear about freezing, though. You will not want to shave your truffle after it’s been frozen. The flavor will be there, and it’s still fine and good to cook with. But the aroma, that’s pretty much gone by this point. It’s sad, but true. If you have to do the frozen route, use the truffle for cooking, not for shaving.

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