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What are the health benefits of truffles?

Truffles have been on the rise in popularity in the culinary world. Not to be confused as the savory chocolate lookalike, truffles are subterranean fungi grown in calcareous soils near the roots of broadleaved trees such as oak or hazelnut. We have been introduced to a rich variety of truffles, including black truffles(Tuber Mélanosporum), white truffles(Tuber Magnatum), summer truffles(Tuber aestivum), the Périgord truffle, etc. All varieties feature minute differences but impart solid flavors and intense aromas. Not just the taste but a high nutritional value makes truffles a go-to for most food admirers,

Health benefits associated with truffles

Powerfully flavorful, the ectomycorrhizal fungi boast an impressive nutrient profile in addition to dispensing good taste and an irresistible aroma. Eating fresh, just harvested truffles is an excellent source of refreshment while covering many health aspects, making them valuable. Let us now read through the various health benefits of truffles that lower the risk of chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

1) Truffles boast an impressive nutrient profile

Truffles contain higher percentages of vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. They have rich carbs, proteins, and fiber and contain both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to being a rich source of amino acids and minerals, truffles also contain micronutrients, including vitamin c, phosphorous, manganese, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc.

2) A great source of antioxidants

More regular consumption of truffles proves an essential source of antioxidants. The antioxidants help fight free radicals, eventually eradicating any chance for oxidative damage to the body cells. The presence of free radicals lowers the risk of chronic diseases that could pose serious health issues, including heart trouble, blood pressure, cancer, or diabetes. Both black and white truffles varieties contain antioxidants, including vitamin c, lycopene, gallic acid, and homogentisic acid, impacting the overall health positively.

3) Possess anti-bacterial properties

Truffles have gained widespread attention in the culinary world because of their anti-bacterial properties. The presence of anti-microbial properties subsides the growth of specific strains of bacteria. In addition to their distinct taste and unique flavors, truffles protect humans against a wide range of illnesses.

4) Nullify cancer cells

Research and test-tube-based studies might suggest that the compounds extracted from some specific truffle varieties possess anticancer attributes. One of the test tube studies shows how certain truffle extracts help block the growth of liver, lung, colon, and breast tumor cells. Another test-tube study features anticancer and immunomodulatory activities in black and white truffle species aiding the fight against cervical and breast cancer cells.

5) Help reduce inflammation

Even though inflammation as a whole defends your body against infections and illness, a higher amount of inflammatory deposition may do more harm than good. Persistent storage of inflammatory properties leads to the development of chronic disease. Truffles again come to the rescue! Some studies suggest the consumption of truffles may help relieve inflammation guarding the immune system and health. They help reduce the growth of enzymes involved in the development of inflammatory properties.

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