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About Italian Panettone and Where to Buy It Online.

Panettone, the king of the holidays, the dessert par excellence and a pastry masterpiece, has very ancient origins and let's be honest, only a few of us know it. There are several legends regarding it, but the only certainty is that panettone was born in the Middle Ages, linked to the tradition of preparing rich and highly seasoned breads for Christmas, while the current form was defined only more recently, in the 1920s of the twentieth century.

Chocolate Panettone From Italy


The birth of panettone is linked to numerous legends. The most famous is that of Ludovico il Moro, dating back to the 15th century, when on Christmas Eve, during a banquet, the Sforza family's cook burned the cake. To save the situation, Toni - a kitchen boy who worked in the kitchen - prepared another one in a hurry, taking a block of yeast and combining flour, eggs, raisins, candied fruit and sugar: he obtained a nice, soft and leavened dough. . The Sforza family liked the dessert so much that it was called Pan Toni, from which the term panettone would later derive.

How to eat panettone: creams and combinations

Let's dispel the myth that panettone must be heated in the oven or microwave before being served: it is better to avoid this "trick", because it dries out the dough, a good artisanal panettone does not need to be heated to enhance its flavour.
To serve the panettone, simply place it on a stand which increases its visibility and makes cutting easier. Portioning should be done with a long serrated and very sharp knife. Once cut, the panettone should be eaten with your hands, unless it is a stuffed panettone which may require a saucer, as required by etiquette. Finally, the panettone should be paired with something to drink, usually sparkling wine, but this is not always the case. According to the theory of pairing food and wine, usually sweet goes with sweet and dry goes with dry, therefore a soft artisanal panettone should be paired with a muscat wine, a passito wine or an extra dry bubbles. Naturally leavened panettone lasts, kept well wrapped, for a full month. Sliced panettone can be wrapped and frozen. And stale panettone makes fantastic bread pudding and French toast.

Italian Panettone made in italy

Where to buy real “Made in Italy” Panettone Online:

By Italian law, a classic fruit panettone labeled “Made in Italy” must contain flour, sugar, eggs (and additional egg yolks), a high proportion of butter and candied citrus. But it is also allowed to contain ingredients like cocoa butter, milk, malt syrup, “natural flavors” and certain emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives. The fewer of those, the better your panettone is likely to be. So for the best panettone selection imported from Italy, good online sources include GoldbellyEataly, Gustiamo, and Tita Italian also offers many options.


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