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Why to Eat Italian Farm Caviar Instead of Calvisius Caviar?

If you are looking for a royal feast with aromatic luxury, then you must not overlook the fish roe or commonly known as caviar. Caviar has a deep history, making it one of the most expensive and unique meal courses. As some experts say, the caviar word actually originated from the Persian word “ Khaya -Dar,” which means egg holder. Likewise, salting the caviars to maintain its quality has existed since 2400 BC.

You could expect an omnipresent taste in the caviar domain, where calvisius caviar, beluga, and american osetra disperse the best flavors. Italian farm caviar, in particular, offers extraordinary flavors, creamy texture, and a strong visual appeal making it an absolute pick for your meal.

Italian farm caviar is best known for its richness, delicacy, and is a highly nutritious food packed with amino acids, irons, and protein. Thus, In the coming section of the blog, you will find why there is supremacy when it comes to Italian farm caviar.

1. Known for its taste

Italian farm caviar

Italian farm caviar has obtained an unmatched supremacy in terms of taste and richness. It has an unrefined salty flavor with a nutty base that melts in your mouth. Also, its creamy texture leaves your taste buds in amaze for a long time.

2. Obtained from bred sturgeon 

Italian caviar is acquired from the bred sturgeon, which is mostly found in Caspian and the Black sea. For obtaining its best quality in the market, it is ensured that it is farm-raised, usage of freshwater for a better marine environment, and especially extracted at the right time before the fertilization.

3. Tradition Prestige -Made In Italy

Tradition Prestige - Made In Italy

Tradition Prestige Caviar is one of the most popular caviar found on the North American West Coast. It is extracted from the white sturgeon, which is considered a healthy option as well as delicious because of its rich buttery flavors and nutty taste. The fish roes of white sturgeon are believed to be high in protein and filled with good calories, making it a treat for caviars lovers.

4. Unbeatable Flavor 

The invincible flavor of the Italian caviar roe is captured after the long process of extracting the fish eggs at the right time. When collecting the caviars, it has been made sure that they pass through the filter to avoid spoilage. Caviar is most flavored when it is served cold, or else you can eat it with any bread to enhance its taste.   

5. Finely extracted caviars 

At CALVISUS CAVIAR, we have extracted the caviars from bred sturgeon by understanding the fish reproductive cycle, maintaining freshwater, and using highly equipped instruments. Moreover, the caviar packaging is done in such a way that it prevents any type of contamination, which can reduce the caviar’s quality. 

Italian caviar is considered one of the best caviar 

Caviar is a masterpiece when it comes to the gastronomy world. The Italian prestige caviar has some highest quality fish roe, giving delicious taste, unmatchable flavor, and the ultimate extracting process. Here at Tita Italian, we grabbed some of the finest quality caviars, which are full of richness and flavors. Check out this White Sturgeon Caviar if you adore the ultimate classic taste.  

Italy is now one of the world's top producers of caviar, which is no surprise for a country with a reputation for exceptional food and fine wine. In fact, Italy sold 42 tons in 2014 alone, with Russia as a major importer of Italian caviar. 

How do Italians serve caviar?

Because of its signature strong yet delicate taste, caviar makes a wonderful antipasto. Simply serve the smooth ingredient on unsalted crackers, buttered toast, or soft-boiled eggs. Add fresh herbs for a festive twist.


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