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Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin (8.45 oz) - Tita Italia

Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin (8.45 oz)

Tartufi Jimmy
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Tartufi Jimmy's black truffle extra virgin olive oil is produced and packaged in Italy. It's a balanced oil with a nutty, bitter and spicy taste of the black truffle.

This velvety and luxurious truffle oil is made with the aroma of the highest quality black truffles and is a perfect match for bringing all your foods to the next level of gourmet. When infused into a high quality extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, the essence of these truffles is captured in a perfect symbiosis ideally suited to enhance the taste of main dishes, appetizers and garnishes. 

Made and produced in Italy
Perfect For Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gourmet Dishes


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%
  • dried black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt)
  • Aroma

Size: 8.45 fl.oz / 250 ml

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About Tartufi Jimmy 

The Truffle hunt was originally done with pigs. "Jimmy" was the name of the pig with which Gino, the father of the founder (Giovannino), went hunting for truffles every morning. When Giovannino started his truffle business, he called the company "Tartufi Jimmy". In 1980 he started developing a product line that reflects the authenticity of simple ingredients in combination with the precious truffle. Buspro is proud to be able to import these craft products to the Netherlands. From truffle butter to truffle oil. The head office is in Pietralunga. The Tiber Valley in Umbria is attractively situated among vineyards, olive groves and oak forests. Giovannino is driven by a passion that is passed on from generation to generation. 

The black truffle extra virgin olive oil is recommended to use as a final dressing to ensure that the delicate aroma of the black truffle is preserved.

Traditionally drizzled on pasta, pizza and risotto, try using this oil in a marinade for meat, or your next burger recipe. Pairs well with red meat, cheese and egg based dishes.