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  • Grated Bottarga Di Muggine (Dried Mullet Roe)
    Grated Bottarga Di Muggine (Dried Mullet Roe) - Tita Italia
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Tita Italia is proud to be partners with world renown caviar, Calvisius Caviar. Hailing from Northern Italy, Calvisius only produces fresh, sustainably raised caviar, that is farmed in the purest waters and following sustainable practices in the pursuit of perfection, to offer you the most delicate and authentic flavor profiles.

Tita Italia is pleased to offer you Calvisius’ caviar lineup, fully traceable to the source and prepared with Malossol technique, featuring the highest quality available on the market. Calvisius Caviar is one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world of fine cuisine, for the most discriminating consumer to savor at every special occasion.

For the best caviar available online order from Tita Italia.