Rose Prosecco Ardevi DOC

Rose Prosecco Ardevi DOC

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Ardevi Prosecco 

Varietal: Glera, Pinot Nero

Area of Production: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Vinification: Charmat method

Alcohol: 11% Vol.

Serving Temperature: 6-8 degrees C

Pairings:Great aperitif, ideal with light hors d’oeuvre and freshwater fish courses.



A Prosecco Rosé obtained through soft pressing of the Glera and Pinot Nero grapes. A static decantation and fermentation for the Glera in order to produce its typical zesty flavours. Pinot Noir is shortly left in contact with the skins to macerate for several days to give this Rosé its pale pink hue and peach blossom aromas. Secondary fermentation (Charmat method) in temperature-controlled stainless steel for a prolonged maturation of 60 days gives the Prosecco Rosé it's vibrant crispiness and refined perlage.