Calvisius Payusnaya Caviar Paste

Calvisius Payusnaya Caviar Paste

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Characterized by a firm, large-grain egg that is dark brown in color with a golden hue, the Oscietra Classic Caviar from Calvisius Caviar presents a rich and creamy flavor with a hint of nuttiness. Cultivated from the A.

Gueldenstaedtii ( Russian Sturgeon) an ancient species now flourishing due to successful conservations efforts in Italy.

A mother-of-pearl spoon is all that is required to fully appreciate this exceptional sturgeon caviar.

A true Malassol (low salt) caviar, Calvisius Oscietra Classic is certified sustainable caviar.

Of brown in color, the Oscietra caviar has an unmistakable flavor, fruity with a unique hint of hazelnut, has a soft consistency, the size of the egg is about 2.7 3.2 mm.

PAIRING: The Oscietra caviar is great accompanied by a Franciacorta Saten or a blanc des blanc Cassico Method (Sparkling wines brute or elegant).
HOW IT'S MADE: The Oscietra caviar is obtained from the ovary of the sturgeon of russian origin. Once the caviar is obtained this is salted and immediately packed.
SIZES OF TINS: Available in 28.5g to 500g

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PAIRING: The Oscietra caviar is great accompanied by a Franciacorta Saten or a blanc de blanc Cassico Method Champagne (Sparkling wines brute or elegant).

Calvisius Caviar recognized as the largest and one of the oldest farms. Where reputation and quality are paramount. Quality Direct from the farm. Sustainable “Friends of the sea: certified Caviar.