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White Truffle Oil Spritzer (1.35 fl.oz)
White Truffle Oil Spritzer (1.35 fl.oz)

White Truffle Oil Spritzer (1.35 fl.oz)

Tartufi Jimmy
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This white truffle oil spritzer is created by using a proprietary process to gently steam extract the natural essences of the white truffle. Only able to get a small amount from each tuber, it is quickly collected and placed in hermetically sealed containers. It's then combined with the smooth taste of sunflower seed oil and the bold flavor of truffle gives off an intense aroma, a rich truffle flavor with an even consistency. Perfect for gourmet cooking ,vegan, vegetarian and cooking.

Save calories but preserve the nuance truffle flavor by adding it as a finishing touch to any dish. 

Original and versatile spray (200 shots).

Preservation method:
Keep in a cool ventilated area. Avoid direct exposure to sources of light and heat.

Size: 1.35 fl.oz / 40ml


Spray white truffle oil spritzer is antastic drizzled over pasta or risotto dishes, fish, popcorn, potatoes, meats or in dressings. 

Spray a bit of our white truffle oil over bruschetta and toast lightly, top with fresh tomatoes and enjoy. Spray a bit over French fries for a unique treat.


  • Infusion of 51% white truffle (Tuber Magnum Pico)
  • Sunflower Seed Oil 48%
  • Aromas

About Tartufi Jimmy 

The Truffle hunt was originally done with pigs. "Jimmy" was the name of the pig with which Gino, the father of the founder (Giovannino), went hunting for truffles every morning. When Giovannino started his truffle business, he called the company "Tartufi Jimmy". In 1980 he started developing a product line that reflects the authenticity of simple ingredients in combination with the precious truffle. Buspro is proud to be able to import these craft products to the Netherlands. From truffle butter to truffle oil. The head office is in Pietralunga. The Tiber Valley in Umbria is attractively situated among vineyards, olive groves and oak forests. Giovannino is driven by a passion that is passed on from generation to generation. 

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