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Easy Guide to Partying with Caviar | How to Eat Caviar?

Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming special occasion? Look no further than caviar. This luxurious delicacy has been a part of decadent parties and celebrations for centuries, and can make any gathering a truly unique and memorable event.

But don’t let the sophistication of caviar intimidate you; with a few simple tips, you can easily learn how to party with caviar and make your next celebration a truly luxurious experience. First, it’s essential to know a few basics about caviar. Here check out our exclusive Calvisius Caviar 3 Tins Gift Box, ideal for party mode on!

how to eat caviar

Caviar comes in various colors, sizes, and textures based on the sturgeon and is typically served cold to preserve its flavor. It is often served in tiny portions on top of crackers, toast, or with a spoon or blinis.

When learning about how to serve caviar appetizers, it’s essential to use the right dishes, as it isn’t a food that should be served on just any plate. Look for special caviar serving dishes and accompaniments, such as mother-of-pearl spoons and blinis, for the most elegant presentation.

How to eat caviar?

  1. Enjoy in Moderation: Caviar is a delicacy that should be enjoyed in small portions.
  2. Refrigerate: Caviar should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 28-32°F. 
  3. Choose Fresh: The right way is to look for caviar that is firm and uniform in color.
  4. 4. Serve on Ice: One of the best suggestion on how to eat caviar correctly is it should be served chilled on a bed of crushed ice.
  5. Use Non-Metallic Utensils: Non-metallic utensils should be used to avoid any metallic taste.
  6. Avoid Mixing Flavors: Each type of caviar should be enjoyed separately to appreciate its unique flavor.
  7. Accompany with Complimentary Foods: Caviar is often accompanied by complementary foods, such as toast points, crackers, blinis, and crème fraiche.
  8. Eat in Small Bites: Caviar should be eaten in small bites to savor the flavor.

A flavor of The Original Pacific Sturgeon Caviar is a decadent, briny creaminess with an elegant yet persistent finish. It has deep earthy flavors and nutty undertones, with delicate buttery notes and a clean finish that pairs well with blinis.

how to serve caviar appetizers

Blinis and Caviar — Best Combination

Blinis, a type of small pancake, and caviar, the salted roe of various fish, are a classic combination. The salty flavor of caviar pairs nicely with blinis's light and fluffy texture. To serve, dollop a spoonful of caviar on top of a blini and top with a dollop of crème fraîche or sour cream. This classic pairing can be served as an appetizer or snack.

In Russia, blinis are served with butter, sour cream, and caviar. They are also served with other accompaniments such as smoked salmon, crème fraiche, and chopped fresh herbs. Blinis can also be served as a main course with fillings such as mushrooms and cheese.

how to eat caviar correctly

The wheat blinis's soft texture and subtle taste perfectly balance the caviar's salty and rich flavor, creating a delicious contrast. Additionally, the small size of the blinis make them ideal for topping with small pieces of caviar. This combination is classic and traditional within Russian and Eastern European cuisines, making it a unique accompaniment to caviar.

Wheat Blinis go best with smoked salmon or Calvisius premium caviar. They are tender, delicate, and flavorful.

Use: Just reheat for a couple of minutes, add a little crème fraiche or butter, and top with a tiny dollop of your preferred caviar!

Your Takeaway!

As all Calvisius Caviars are Malossol and have a salt content lower than 4%, we can enjoy the variety and highlight the unique qualities of each caviar species.

From the most delicate to the most intense, Tita Italian advises that you taste the items in the following order: Siberian Royal, Oscietra Royal, and traditional Prestige.

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