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How To Use Truffle Carpaccio

Now that you’ve picked up your own jar of Truffle Carpaccio from us, your next step is to find what will be successfully paired with the truffle carpaccio for this weekend's dinner or cocktail party.

If it's your first time trying carpaccio, don’t be intimidated and if this isn't your first rodeo with truffle carpaccio then leave a comment below of some of your favorite pairings and recipes!

truffle carpaccio

What is Truffle Carpaccio? 

Truffle carpaccio is thinly sliced truffles marinated in extra virgin olive oil. Usually made of black summer truffles, carpaccio maintains its true characteristic aroma and is a simple yet important product because it can be used as a substitute of fresh truffles with the advantage of being used during the whole year.

Although it's a very simple ingredient, it is a favorite ingredient amongst chef and restaurant for it can spice up any dish! It goes well with almost anything, so begin with thinking of what you would like to prepare and what your strengths are.

How To Cook With Truffle Carpaccio

You can prepare one of your favorite pasta dishes and top it with a couple of slices or you can make your favorite sandwich and top it with a slice or two of the carpaccio.

Popular Carpaccio Entrees:

  • Risotto topped truffle carpaccio
  • Seared Scallops topped with truffle carpaccio
  • Tortellini With truffle carpaccio
    tortellini with truffle carpaccio
  • Pizza topped with truffle carpaccio
    Pizza topped with truffle carpaccio

In all honesty, anything really pairs well with the truffle carpaccio.

What can be good to keep in mind is that since the truffles have a very strong aroma it can be very hard to digest if the amounts are exaggerated.

Remember that truffles and truffle products are to be used more as a spice rather than a condiment, but it’s not a spice. I would say that one slice is plenty as a serving portion for one person but by all means, don’t let that hold you back if you can handle or enjoy more!

How To Serve Summer Truffle Carpaccio 

While they are a great condiment, they can also be eaten alone, just as if you were savoring fresh olives. If you do decide to eat them alone, keep in mind that this is thin slices of truffles, that have been preserved in oil for a while so they have become very soft, therefore when you will take the slices out of the jar use a pair of small plyers or even better, very gently, turn the jar upside down in a plate and then start distributing the carpaccio.

How to Store Truffle Carpaccio 

When the jar is opened it can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of months without any problems. It will never be “bad” for you to eat it afterward it’s just that it will slowly lose some of its aroma, flavor and maybe even it’s texture buy getting slightly firmer. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow's post just to show you how we love to have it!

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  • Thank you for the information. I’ve been holding onto a jar of truffles for our Anniversary dinner to serve with scallops. I am looking forward to trying it will pasta, too.

    celestine lee

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