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What is the best way to consume wine?

One of the great things to be passionate about wine is that there’s always more to learn, appreciate and experience. Whether you’re entirely a beginner to wine consumption or a genius with a grand collection of wine, your knowledge and enjoyment will never be “com” There will always be a variety you’ve yet to sample, a food-wine pairing you’re dying to try, or a growing region you hope to cross off your bucket list.

The best way to consume wine sounds overrated, but if you follow the guidelines, you will experience the quality taste of your favorite wine.

Drinking wine at the right temperature -

One of the most basic but essential things is serving and drinking wine at the right temperature. It can have catastrophic effects on your wine experience. Over-chilling wines can detract from their acidity, sweetness, while over-heating a bottle can be over-oxidized and bitter. 

Fruity and light white wines like Pinot Grigio DOC Erste+Neue and Sauvignon Russolo taste best when chilled to 45–50°F. On the other hand, red wines like Pinot Nero Casalcolle, Chardonnay Sibiliana from Sicily are best fitted to a warmer serving temperature between 58 to 65°F. Sparkling wine like Prosecco or Cava is served at a chilling temperature of 30 to 40°F.

It is vital to decanter the wine for at least half an hour after opening the bottle. It gives you the best experience and taste to try, whether first-timers or experienced ones.

Thankfully this mistake is easy to avoid, as you know, the ideal depository and serving temperatures for your favorite wine.

Coursing the right amount of wine in your glass -

Pouring the right amount per serving is vital to experience quality wine. You might detest when restaurants use the smaller “standard pour” to extend the lifespan of their bottle. But still, you can use the standard 5 oz pour to fully explore and enjoy the taste and aroma of your wine without under or overwhelming your palate or nose.

Be experimental with new varietals -

From the newbie to the expert, it can be simple to fall back on what we know and avoid expanding our vino fiction boundaries.

While there’s nothing wrong with consistently enjoying your favorite varieties, testing with wine is a joyful, exciting opportunity that everyone deserves to experience. Find an ideal balance between the wines you know you love and those you want to try. This method will open you up to new worlds of wine without sacrificing the enjoyment of your already adored varietals.

Try wine and cheese -

One of the most famous combinations of consuming wine is Cheese. Grab a bunch of crackers, cheese dips, and summer sausage with Red wine or White wine like Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay wine. It is an excellent snack option to consume with Pinot Noir. You may wish to have various cheese types like truffle cheese, blue cheese, cheddar, etc., and salty cheesy snacks like TARTUFI JIMMY’s Truffle Chips Corn Sticks to make them your ever-ready snack.

Your new Home for wine -

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