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Top-Notch Caviar Dishes | Guide to Serve & Garnish Caviar

You are a connoisseur who is ready to go out extravagantly to enjoy any luxurious treat and you just got the chance to taste every singular flavor of caviar. You now wish to learn a great deal more about this delicacy. So you came to our blog to find out what goes with caviar to create an outstanding dish and how to dress it.

Tita Italian warmly welcomes you to take a tour of the best caviar dishes with us and the ultimate guide on how to serve it.

The most special thing about caviar is that it comes in various sizes, flavors, colors and grades. Most people believe caviar should be best enjoyed alone. That can be one way to eat it, but you may substantially improve the flavor by combining it with other ingredients too. Let us all indulge in the flavorful caviar dishes listed below:

1) Caviar with Salmon Tartare

Salmon and caviar make an ingenious combination that will make your guests appreciate you. All you need is our premium Pacific Sturgeon Caviar, and combine it with lime juice, onions, herbs, olive oil, and seasonings. After that, serve the mixture with salmon tartare and add some tomatoes as garnish.

Caviar, salmon, and olive oil infuse deep flavors that blend beautifully. The dish's accompanying salads, tomatoes, and lime flavors make them even more delectable.

2) Caviar with Deviled Eggs

When in doubt about what to serve with caviar, go back to the very classic pairing of a deviled egg topped with caviar and a fruity Riesling white wine. The improved version calls for the boiled eggs' yolks to be removed. After that, combine them with crème fraiche, and your chosen seasonings.

Place the mixture inside the eggs and garnish with chives, parsley, and black caviar. Can you feel how the mayonnaise intensifies the flavor of your eggs and caviar? In terms of taste, that's exactly what we want to offer you!

3) Caviar Pasta

Do you know that some of the best original osetra caviar is produced worldwide by Italian fisheries? Given Italy's long-standing fondness for caviar, it makes sense why the classic pasta marries so well with it. The best pasta is Linguine o bucatini.

Garnish your pasta with lemon zest, and some grated bottarga. Add a hearty caviar dressing, and melt butter. There you have it, then! A bowl of silken bucatini with delectable black pearls on top.

How To Serve Caviar With Style 2022

  • As a general rule, you should serve caviar with fewer side dishes.  Blinis, which are little buckwheat-based Russian pancakes, are traditionally topped with caviar. Another method is to do it with crusty bread or crackers, which offer a lovely crunch and make the caviar flavor stand out. The butter is always well appreciated.
  • The essence of the caviar is enhanced when served with simply boiled potatoes or gently buttered bread. Raw onion, creme fraiche, or quail eggs are additional flavors that complement caviar.
  • Calvisius Lingotto Caviar (Pressed Caviar) is ideal for topping hot foods like sauces, risotto soups, and pasta. It keeps the flavor and intensity of caviar while reducing the weight of the sturgeon roe through a careful drying and curing process. The finest way to enjoy pressed caviar is to simply slice or finely grate it over spaghetti, potatoes, or sushi.
  • Caviar should be stored in the refrigerator and decanted into a remarkable vessel, preferably one filled with ice, as it should be served cold. You'll taste its energizing flavors, which almost cleanse the tongue, and they'll help you enjoy this priceless treat to the fullest.
  • Spreading or crushing the caviar can ruin the texture and shatter the delicate skin of the eggs. The experience of letting each egg roll over your mouth is one of the best parts of tasting caviar. Use caution while using the spoon to serve caviar since it will pop when you bite it.

The greatest way to consume and serve fish eggs, according to true caviar connoisseurs, is with no other ingredients—just caviar. They believe that once it happens, nothing will be able to stop you from experiencing this flavor.


  1. How to eat caviar?

The best caviar lovers prefer to eat it directly from the spoon, without any additional flavors to take their attention away from the caviar's incredible flavor and texture. Some popular ways are on bread tips, hard-boiled eggs, chopped chives, or butter spread with a few drops of lime juice.

  1. What is the best way to store caviar?

As soon as your caviar gets delivered, place it in the refrigerator's coldest section. The ideal storage temperature for caviar is between 26 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn't ever be frozen since the ice crystals' expanding force could rupture the delicate egg membranes, turning the delectable caviar capsules into an unpleasant mush.

  1. Why avoid metallic utensils with caviar?

The metallic flavor significantly impacts the fresh and salty taste of the caviar. Because it will obliterate the palate's intricacies, caviar is packaged in metal cans with plastic lining to preserve its flavor. Using a specialized caviar spoon made of Mother of Pearl, plastic, or bone is preferable.

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